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How to help

The purpose of this site is to assist the amateur or professional scholar in finding documents relating to liberal religious history -- particularly Unitarian, Universalist, Ethical Culture, and religious humanism.  A secondary purpose is to translate to web-readable format important documents of liberal religious history that are not found already on the web.

You can help by:

bulletNotifying us of documents already on the web that should be linked to from this site.   Write to archives-links@freereligion.com with the addresses and a short description of the document. (See copyright information below.)
bulletScanning or typing, and proofreading, a copy of documents important to liberal religious history which are not yet on the web, and which you have in your possession.   Please check carefully whether a document is already available on the web before spending time on this!  Email these documents in Microsoft Word or in WordPerfect format (see copyright information below). 
bulletYou can inquire before you convert a document, whether it will be able to be housed on this archive.
bulletYou can store documents in your own internet web space which you already own (for example, the pages which are provided on AOL or most ISPs such as earthlink.net).  We will link to the document where it is stored.
bulletYou can start an archive on a free website such as GeoCities to store documents you convert. We will link to the document where it is stored.
bulletI will attempt to match up volunteers who can do one or more of the following (covering any photocopy expenses and the postage to move documents through snail-mail when necessary) -- write if you are interested:
bulletdonate originals of appropriate documents
bulletscan originals or copies
bullettype from originals or copies (shorter pieces)
bulletmake photocopies of originals
bulletproofreading documents
bulletconverting Word or WordPerfect documents to HTML documents

Copyright information:

For all documents housed on this site, we may require either

bulletreasonable proof that the document is not under copyright
bulletwritten permission from the copyright holder

You can send (snail-mail or fax) a copy of the title page including copyright information.  If the copyright date is later than 1922 (US documents) or is known to be still under copyright, I will also need written permission of the copyright holder.  When you inquire about a particular document, or email the computer-readable version of a document, I will send you the snail-mail and fax information.  (For obvious reasons I do not post this information on the web.)

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