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This page lists individual documents available on this and other sites.
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early church history

bulletArian controversy
bulletMore on Arius and the Arians

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Through the end of the 18th century

bulletA satire by Jonathan Swift on the value of religion
bulletAn Act for establishing Religious Freedom [1779] Thomas Jefferson

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early 19th century Unitarian documents

bulletThe Jefferson Bible
bulletUnitarian Christianity, William Ellery Channing
bulletWilliam Ellery Channing web site

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early 19th century  Universalist documents

bulletA Short Essay on Universalism by Hosea Ballou c.1849

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bulletThe Divinity School Address, Ralph Waldo Emerson
bulletThe Transient and the Permanent in Christianity, Theodore Parker
bulletTheodore Parker web site
bulletRalph Waldo Emerson: links to many of his works
bulletRalph Waldo Emerson texts
bulletHenry David Thoreau: links to many of his works
bulletmore on Transcendentalism
bulletFelix Adler: An Ethical Philosophy of Life.   Chapter III: Emerson

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Social Reform

bulletThe 1917 Universalist Declaration of Social Principles
bulletJane Addams
bulletDemocracy or Militarism: Address before the Chicago Liberty Meeting, April 30, 1899
bulletAn International Patriotism (April 21, 1906)
bulletA. Powell Davies
bulletarticles and sermons by or about Davies
bulletJosephine Shaw Lowell: two anti-war speeches
bulletWhat Shall It Profit a Man or a Nation? (Nov. 3, 1900)
bulletTwo Reasons in Favor of the Election of William Jennings Bryan (Sept. 13, 1900)

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Ethical Culture

bulletEthical Culture Archives
bulletFelix Adler: An Ethical Philosophy of Life.   Chapter III: Emerson
bulletFelix Adler: An Ethical Philosophy of Life: Chapter V: The Ideal of the Whole and the Ethical Manifold
bulletFelix Adler: An Ethical Philosophy of Life: Chapter VII: The Supreme Ethical Rule
bulletFelix Adler: An Ethical Philosophy of Life: Chapter IX: Religious Fellowship as the Culminating Social Institution
bulletFelix Adler: The Ethical Significance of Easter

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bulletJohn Dietrich
bulletWhat Does It Mean to Be Spiritual?
bullet on Religious Humanism
bulletHumanist Manifesto I 1933
bullet The Genesis of a Manifesto: Edwin Wilson's story of the Humanist Manifesto's making and reception
bulletKenneth Patton - from A Religion of Realities
bulletCurtis W. Reese -- Statesman of Humanism, Rev. Paul Mueller
bulletThe Practice of Spirituality: Rev. Kenneth Phifer
bulletThe Philosophy of Humanism by Corliss Lamont
bullet Humanism as the Next Step - Lloyd and Mary Morain
bulletHumanism Today online
bullet Humanism Today, Volume 11, 1997 Humanists and Education
bullet Humanism Today,1998 Globalization and Humanism
bullet Humanism Today, 1999 -Volume 13 - Beyond Reason

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bulletFree Faith - Thoughts of Unitarian Universalists and Quakers [Collection of documents in Finnish and translation to Finnish -- includes Microsoft Word format for downloading]

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Citing Web Resources

Basic example:

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For example, this page would be:

Lewis, Jone Johnson.  "Electronic Archives of Liberal Religion: Documents" May 2000.  .

If the material is a reprint, use the URL and date visited as reprint information, and give the original publication information if known.

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